New Hampshire Real Estate License Use Reciprocity To Become an Agent Online

How To Become a New Hampshire Real Estate Agent Online

Aspiring real estate agents in New Hampshire may be under the impression that they are required to attend brick and mortar schooling in order to gain licensure. While this is technically the case, there is an easy (less scary than you might think) workaround that allows New Hampshire agents to complete their schooling online.

Agents only need to complete 40 hours of MA real estate licensing courses, then apply for reciprocity. Check out our pricing table for MA licensing, or scroll down to the How-To section and learn more about this process.

We Have All 40 Hours of Education You Need To Get Your MA Sales Real Estate License

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How to Pass Your Exam

Once you complete your Pre-Licensing education, you’ll take your state licensing exam. To better prepare you to ace the exam, we’ve built the industry’s most comprehensive interactive Exam Prep. This is included in our Standard, Value, and Premium packages, and you can start by taking an assessment to gauge your competencies for each topic.

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